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Exclusive-Massachusetts GOP Gubernatorial Nominee: Let's Fix Beacon Hill


BOSTON, Massachusetts — Former Sen. Scott Brown handed Democrat Martha Coakley her first stunning loss in the 2010 Senate race. Now, Charlie Baker, Massachusetts’ GOP gubernatorial nominee, is hoping to beat her in the race to be the state’s next governor.

Baker is actually leading Coakley in some polls, and even leading Democrats concede they think he would do well in the job. In an interview, he said he’s succeeding with voters because he’s got a proven track record of getting the job done in government and in the private sector.

“I think the biggest difference between Martha Coakley and me—at a time when the number one issue for voters in Massachusetts is creating jobs and growing the economy—the attorney general has spent her entire career in the public sector,” Baker told Breitbart News on Saturday morning, adding:

She hasn’t had a private sector background. She hasn’t been involved in job creation and economic development. In contrast, in me, I have a background where I spent eight years working for Governor Bill Weld and Paul Cellucci in their cabinet when they were governor and lieutenant governor and then governor respectively in the 1990s when we grew our economy by over 500,000 jobs and we took our unemployment rate from the highest in the country to the lowest in the country over that time period.

According to the latest Boston Globe poll, conducted August 24 through August 26 in Massachusetts, Baker leads Coakley by one point—38 percent to her 37 percent. A poll since then from a different pollster conducted by the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and WHDH Boston’s channel 7, the local NBC News affiliate, conducted August 25 to August 31 had Coakley leading Baker 41 percent to 32 percent.

Putting a Republican in the governor’s mansion in Massachusetts would be a huge symbolic coup for the national GOP heading into 2016, but it’s not unusual for the voters of one of, if not the most, liberal states in America to elect GOP governors. Before Democrat Deval Patrick took over the commonwealth of Massachusetts in January 2007 after winning the 2006 election, Republicans held the Bay State’s governor’s mansion for years. Mitt Romney directly preceded Patrick, and before him, in reverse chronological order, Republicans Jane Swift, Paul Cellucci, and William Weld served in the state’s top elected office from 1991 until the end of 2006. 

“She has talked a lot about billions of dollars in spending she would like to do as governor. And she hasn’t been shy about the fact that she’s willing to raise taxes to do that,” Baker said of Coakley in his interview with Breitbart News. He went on to state:

The commonwealth of Massachusetts has raised taxes by about $2 billion over the past six years, and voters in Massachusetts are just tapped. The idea that the solution to our problems at this point going forward is billions of dollars in new spending and billions of dollars in new taxes just won’t wash with the voters. I’ve been pretty clear that I think what we need to do on Beacon Hill is cinch our belts and reform government and learn to live the same sort of thriftiness that I see when I’m out there on the campaign trail talking to regular people.

Baker’s history is an interesting one. During the Weld and Cellucci administrations, he served in various senior cabinet positions in Massachusetts state government—working on health care and finance issues. After he left government, he went to work for Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, taking the company out of receivership and financial disarray into success; it was projected to lose millions of dollars before he got there, and when he took over he turned it into one of the most successful non-profit health care organizations in the nation during which time it had 24 straight profitable quarters.

When asked what he did there on a big picture level that turned the company around—and how that would translate in a leadership role for the state of Massachusetts—Baker said there are “three things” he did.

“First off, we built a great team,” Baker said. “With great organizations, the first thing you got to do is build a great team. You can’t make every decision every day and you really need to have people on the team who can perform and can deliver.” The second thing that had to be done, he said, was “to set the bar high and be very clear about what you’re trying to accomplish.” The third thing was “to hold people accountable.”

Because of what’s essentially one-party rule in Massachusetts—Democrats control all of the state government—Baker says there’s been no accountability in the state.

“One of the great problems we have on Beacon Hill right now and it would continue under a Coakley administration is it’s all Democrat,” Baker said, continuing:

It’s the most heavily Democratic legislature in the country. You’ve got a Democratic governor, all the statewide officials are Democrats, and there’s no checks and balances there. There’s no constructive friction. There’s no push and shove among these players. They’re all on the same team, and therefore, the kind of accountability you get when you have both teams on the field is just non-existent in Massachusetts. That’s a big part of how you create accountability. And accountability in government—boy when I think about what we did at Harvard Pilgrim, people knew exactly what was expected of them, and they went out and they got it done. We were pretty aggressive about making sure we understood why and fixing it. We’re just not doing that right now in state government.

One of the most interesting things about Baker’s campaign this year—he ran for governor against Patrick in 2010 and lost—is this time he has honed in on how illegal immigration is affecting Massachusetts citizens. He’s hammered the Patrick administration—and Coakley, who would likely follow in the same direction as Patrick has on just about everything, including these issues—for considering allowing the federal government and President Obama’s administration to bring illegal immigrant children who entered the country due to the border crisis to Massachusetts. Baker argued at the time—before it was eventually decided that Massachusetts would not take those children—that homeless and economically struggling legal immigrants and Massachusetts citizens should be taken care of before the state’s taxpayers take care of illegal aliens. Baker also, according to the Boston Herald, rolled out a proposal that calls for Section 8 public housing to be reserved for legal residents who are struggling over illegal immigrants.

“That’s not helping,” Baker said when Breitbart News asked him about the effects of illegal immigration on the commonwealth of Massachusetts and its various cities and towns. Elaborating, Baker asserted:

Number one, the inability of the federal government to deal with illegal immigration is a policy problem in Washington, but it’s a very different and much more direct and immediate issue for state leaders and local leaders such as mayors and other local officials because they end up dealing with the consequences of not having an immigration policy at the federal level that works. During the past seven years, while state spending has gone up by billions of dollars, the state has cut local aid to cities and towns by hundreds of millions of dollars—which has made it very difficult for cities and towns to do what they need to do to ensure public safety, education, basic services and all the rest.

Baker said that if elected governor, he’d join other governors nationwide to highlight the effects of illegal immigration on states and local governments nationally.

“I talk a lot during my campaign about how I think we should be investing in these cities and towns and providing these cities and towns with the things that they need to get the job done in their communities,” Baker said. “I think as governor, I would want to be a part of a coalition of governors nationally to make clear to the federal government the consequences of their failed policies on immigration and what that means to cities and towns and to states—where the practical reality is that that failed policy plays itself out every single day.”

After the interview, Baker’s spokesman added in an email that he opposes in-state tuition for, and giving out driver’s licenses to, illegal immigrants.

Baker has a tough road ahead before November—and he’s been working to build support throughout the state, including specifically meeting with and talking to Democrats who are joining his campaign over Coakley’s. Baker has picked up the endorsement of Coakley’s longtime hometown former North Adams mayor Democrat John Barrett, NECN wrote this weekend, and met with Quincy’s Democratic Mayor Thomas Koch.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano has said he thinks Baker would be a good governor, but he has endorsed Coakley for the position. “I don’t have anything bad to say about [Baker]. That doesn’t mean I agree with him on policy and philosophy,” Capuano said, noting that his endorsement of Coakley “means I agree with Martha Coakley on policy and philosophy more often than not.”

Boston’s new mayor, Democrat Marty Walsh, also said he thinks Baker would be a good governor. “I like Charlie,” Walsh said, according to NECN. “Charlie’s actually a good man. I worked with him indirectly at the state house when he was there. Would he be a good Governor[?] He would be a good Governor. They have two different styles.”

All that said, the Democratic political machine in Massachusetts is alive and well beating up Baker every day on the airwaves.

“The Democrats have a big machine, and they’ll do everything they can to hold onto the power that they have and to maintain the status quo,” Baker told Breitbart News of what lies ahead between now and election day. “They’ve already started running negative TV ads against me because they don’t really have a message or vision for the voters that’s a forward-looking or positive one.” He added, “I think it’ll be a very, very hard-fought campaign, but when you’re talking about spending, jobs, taxes, reform, welfare reform, the voters in Massachusetts are on our side on those issues. And I think they’re going to be with us.”

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Ian Paisley: The West's Religious Fanatic


Ulster unionist and Protestant minister Ian Paisley died Friday in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A polarizing political figure, Paisley’s death affords partisans of all “colors” the opportunity to absorb and define his legacy. With sectarian violence again engulfing the Middle East and Africa, however, Paisley’s life reminds us that the West is not as far removed from religious bigotry as we would like to believe.  

Writing at Breitbart London, Andrew Mckie offers a paean to Paisley arguing that he “defended ordinary people who wanted only respect for their religious traditions and to remain part of the UK – something confirmed at every election, but ignored by the bombers and murderers – should be remembered as a remarkable politician who spoke out for his country.”

Mckie’s sentence overflows with his own bias and polite animus. Where a desire for religious tolerance existed among Ulster protestants, Paisley channeled it into religious hatred and bigotry against Catholics. He famously called Pope John Paul II the “anti-Christ,” but his hatred permeated even more pedestrian encounters. Once confronting a local Catholic priest who objected to Paisley’s use of a public building for anti-Catholic meetings, Paisley thundered:

‘Priest Murphy, speak for your own bloodthirsty, persecuting, intolerant, blaspheming, politic-religious papacy, but do not dare to pretend to be the spokesman of free Ulster men . . . Go back to your priestly intolerance, back to your blasphemous Masses, back to your beads, holy water, holy smoke and stinks and remember . . we know your church to be the mother of harlots and the abominations of the Earth.’

Paisley’s strident anti-Catholicism even alienated him from Protestant and Unionist allies. He formed his own breakaway “Free Presbyterian Church” in large part because the existing congregation with insufficiently anti-Catholic. He labeled the Unionist Party Leader a “Judas Iscariot” for negotiating with the Republic and Ireland and cursed Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as a “Jezebel.”

Paisley did not just confine his beliefs to fiery rhetoric from his religious pulpit. He was instrumental in creating armed Protestant vigilante and paramilitary groups, ostensibly to “defend” Protestants from Catholics. These armed gangs disrupted Catholic marches against religious discrimination and were responsible for the blood of both Catholics and Protestants. 

One wonders, in fact, whether Paisley wasn’t as much giving voice to ordinary Protestant views, but capitalizing on legitimate concerns and twisting them to his own political ends. A Protestant acquaintance once noted that, “he would only attract 12 people to his meetings at the town hall. It’s only since he went into politics that he got his following.”

Mckie, and many others, make very much out of Paisley’s late-in-life embrace of the peace process in Northern Ireland and his subsequent role in a kind of “unity government” in the province. It says a great deal about Paisley, however, that an ordained reverend’s acceptance of a peaceful settlement is noteworthy. One would hope that a minister would always prefer peace over violence or dialogue over discrimination. That one can’t is evidence of the poison of sectarian beliefs. 

Paisley’s conversion to the peace process may have been political rather than religious, though. He campaigned aggressively against the “Good Friday” peace accords that finally ended the “troubles” in Northern Ireland. Despite his campaigning, 70% voters in Northern Ireland approved the agreement. A desire for peace outweighed centuries-old religious disagreements. 

Paisley’s passing may finally retire the ghost of Cromwell in Ireland and Britain. Western civilization has been a long march against the violence and misery arising from sectarian disputes. Our own history shows how fragile this civilization is and how quickly intolerant hatred can seep through its cracks. One ugly chapter of this history is now closed. May it never be opened again.

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Scott Brown Also Ran on National Security in 2010


Former Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) is defying the skeptics by making the New Hampshire race against incumbent Democrat Sen. Jeanne Shaheen a real contest

Though he voted as a centrist in Washington, D.C.—even casting a critical vote for the Dodd-Frank financial reforms—Brown has recaptured conservative zeal in opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants and emphasizing national security. He has focused the attention of an electorate increasingly convinced that the country is not safe, and that Democrats cannot protect it.

It might have been expected that Brown would have emphasized Obamacare—a law that remains deeply unpopular, and which formed the basis of Brown’s first upset victory in 2010. It is too easy to forget that the other issue Brown campaigned on in that election was opposition to the Obama administration’s attempts to try 9/11 mastermind Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, among other terrorists, in a federal court in New York City rather than a military tribunal in Guantanamo Bay. 

At the time, Politico called Brown’s victory a potential “game changer” on terrorism:

Scott Brown’s stunning victory in Massachusetts Tuesday triggered a wave of dire predictions about health reform, but Brown’s win also could pose a threat to a less obvious aspect of President Barack Obama’s agenda – his anti-terror policies and plans to shut down Guantanamo Bay prison.

During the campaign, Brown repeatedly railed against criminal trials for terrorism suspects, took out a television ad opposing giving “rights to terrorists who want to harm us” and declared that he did not view water-boarding as torture. And in his nationally televised victory speech Tuesday night, the senator-elect seized on the issue again.

Brown—a veteran himself—is again combining foreign and domestic themes.

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Socialist Bernie Sanders Calls for 'Political Revolution' in Iowa

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called for a “political revolution” in Iowa as liberal activists push him to challenge Hillary Clinton from the left if Clinton decides to run for president.

“We need a political revolution in this country,” Sanders said in Iowa on Saturday evening, according to CNN. “Politics is terribly important, and what happens in Washington and state capitals is also enormously important.”

In a Meet the Press interview that aired on Sunday, Sanders suggested he may want to start that political revolution as a Democrat. He said he may still run as an independent, but it would be tougher since he would have to set up a “50-state infrastructure.” 

On Meet the Press, Sanders said that liberals, conservatives, and independents across the country are angry at Washington and the establishment press that they view as out of touch.

“[The] middle class is collapsing. I know that the gap between the very, very rich and everybody else is growing mightily. I know there is profound anger at the greed on Wall Street and corporate America,” he said. “Anger at the political establishment. Anger at the media establishment. The American people want real change.”

Sanders said he has been taking on “big-money interests all of his life.” He then railed against the Koch brothers and the Citizens United decision that allowed for unregulated free speech in politics, which Sanders said “will go down in history as one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever” because it is “opening up the road to oligarchy in the United States of America.”

Even though liberal billionaires like Tom Steyer and George Soros have poured millions of dollars into left-wing political caucuses while the mainstream media often give what should be considered in-kind donations to Democrats, Sanders singled out the Koch brothers as the source of evil.

“The Koch brothers are going to spend $400 million. Do you know what their agenda is?” Sanders said. “Do you know what they believe in? Let me tell you what they believe in. … They want to end Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. More tax breaks for the rich and large corporations.” He added, “Nobody in America wants that except the billionaire class, and yet they are now able to put hundreds of billions of dollars into the political process. This is a real danger to American democracy.”

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Hundreds of Reporters Flock To Iowa To Witness The Return Of Hillary

Sadly, Breitbart News was not in Iowa this weekend to witness The Return of Hillary Clinton to The American Heartland™. But these reporters were, and they will never forget.

Here is a sample of reporter tweets, as hundreds of them attended Sen. Tom Harkin’s Steak Fry in Iowa on Sunday, waiting for Hillary Clinton.

Waiting in line:

Such a long line for press! #harkinsteakfry

— Samantha-Jo Roth (@SamanthaJoRoth) September 14, 2014

Getting the press pass

So much press at #HarkinSteakFry that they ran out of press passes.

— Jason Noble (@jasonnobleDMR) September 14, 2014

Setting up in the press barn

Part of the press room at the #HarkinSteakFry w/ an appearance by my frmr coworker @jamesqlynch

— Aaron Hepker (@ahepker) September 14, 2014

This seems like a reasonable space for 200 press… #SOS

— Rebecca Berg (@rebeccagberg) September 14, 2014

Behold the hoard!

The media horde at #HarkinSteakFry

— Kathie Obradovich (@KObradovich) September 14, 2014


The Clinton presidential campaign started with 200 reporters staring at two old men grilling steaks.

— Alex Seitz-Wald (@aseitzwald) September 14, 2014

Everyone that is anyone is right here.

All reporters. If someone robbed a bank in Des Moines right now there’d be no one to report it. #HarkinSteakFry

— Jason Noble (@jasonnobleDMR) September 14, 2014


The reality @HillaryClinton faces: media waiting to be led to a steak grilling photo op w/ her & @billclinton

— Mark Halperin (@MarkHalperin) September 14, 2014

Rustic backgrounds

With @jonkarl and @matthewjdowd. @ThisWeekABC at #harkinsteakfry

— Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) September 13, 2014

Getting ready for our Iowa live shot with the great crew for @NBCNightlyNews with @LesterHoltNBC.

— Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) September 14, 2014


Media waiting for Hillary Clinton (and her husband) to arrive at the grill with Sen. Harkin. #harkinsteakfry

— Brianna Keilar (@brikeilarcnn) September 14, 2014

It’s almost time!

The press eagerly awaits the arrival of Bill and Hillary Clinton at the #Harkinsteakfry @SimpsonianSC

— Brittany Rempe (@b_rempe) September 14, 2014

Cameras ready

Press waiting to get footage of Bill and Hillary Clinton grilling. #Harkinsteakfry @SimpsonianSC

— Brittany Rempe (@b_rempe) September 14, 2014

Posed for steak flipping action

Press waiting to get footage of Bill and Hillary Clinton grilling. #Harkinsteakfry @SimpsonianSC

— Brittany Rempe (@b_rempe) September 14, 2014


In Iowa !

— Ed Schultz (@WeGotEd) September 14, 2014

Ready for Hillary? #HarkinSteakFry

— Jonathan Allen (@jonallendc) September 14, 2014

Coming up on@msnbc from the Iowa Steak Fry!

— Alex Seitz-Wald (@aseitzwald) September 14, 2014

Andrea Mitchell is here! Waiting for Hillary…

Waiting for Hillary & Bill Clinton with their hosts, Tom & Ruth Harkin, before last #HarkinSteakFry.

— Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) September 14, 2014

Cattle chute

Herding press from a big pen to a smaller pen, to a smaller pen, to see @HillaryClinton at the grill. #HarkinSteakFry

— Julie Percha (@juliepercha) September 14, 2014

Media moved to second holding pin to get shots of Bill, Hillary and other Iowa dems. #HarkinSteakFry

— Clay Masters (@Clay_Masters) September 14, 2014

Moving the herd

Herding media for a photo op of Bill and Hillary Clinton at the Harkin steak fry near Indianola.

— Rod Boshart (@rodboshart) September 14, 2014

Move ‘em out

They’ve moved the press closer. Almost there…#HarkinSteakFry

— Steffi S. Lee (@SteffiSLee) September 14, 2014

Measuring expectations

The press. Behind our special #harkinsteakfry fence, as close as we can get to any Clintons today most likely.

— Rick Klein (@rickklein) September 14, 2014

What a scene…

Press + Clintons. #HarkinSteakFry

— Sharyn Jackson (@SharynJackson) September 14, 2014


Looks official. 12 vehicle motorcade. #HarkinSteakFry

— Jason Noble (@jasonnobleDMR) September 14, 2014

She’s back!

First trip to Iowa for @HillaryClinton since 08. worked the crowd. chatted to press. Gave a speech. Gave some hints.

— Kim Ghattas (@BBCKimGhattas) September 15, 2014


Bill & Hillary Clinton about to flip steaks w/ Sen. Tom Harkin #HarkinSteakFry

— Jay Newton-Small (@JNSmall) September 14, 2014

It’s happening!

The ceremonial flipping of steak #HarkinSteakFry

— Mark Z. Barabak (@markzbarabak) September 14, 2014

The Clintons have flipped steaks. #HarkinSteakFry

— Clay Masters (@Clay_Masters) September 14, 2014

Clintons ignore tough questions

Both Clintons ignore questions from press as they flip steaks. “mrs. Clinton are you happy to be back in Iowa?”

— Maggie Haberman (@maggiepolitico) September 14, 2014


Both Clintons entirely ignored all the questions called to them by pack of 100+ press. #HarkinSteakFry

— Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) September 14, 2014

Oh good, they’re back…

I take that back! After most of the press had left, both Clintons returned to chat up the press rope line. #HarkinSteakFry

— Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) September 14, 2014

If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Press…

Harkin and the Clintons holding court. #harkinsteakfry

— Brianna Keilar (@brikeilarcnn) September 14, 2014

Huma is here… Anthony is back home watching the Jets.

As Hillary works the rope line, Huma follows close behind.

— Rebecca Berg (@rebeccagberg) September 14, 2014

Hillary greets reporters, says it’s”good to be back” in Iowa

— Cameron Joseph (@cam_joseph) September 14, 2014


Hillary is long gone from press but Bill still taking questions. A definite foreshadowing of a 2016 Hillary campaign #HarkinSteakFry

— Jessica Taylor (@JessicaTaylor) September 14, 2014

Showing discipline…

Bill Clinton tells @jonkarl when he presses on whether Hillary is running, “I will not be baited. I’m about to be a grandfather…”

— Maggie Haberman (@maggiepolitico) September 14, 2014

Will Hillary run, we asked? ‘I won’t be baited,’ he says with a big smile.

— Rick Green (@IowaRAG) September 14, 2014

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Nancy Pelosi to Appear with Chris Christie at Prisoner Rehab Center

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to appear beside New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at the opening of a new prisoner re-entry facility in Jersey City, New Jersey on Monday.

Joining Christie and Pelosi will be former governors Jim McGreevey and Tom Kean, gathered to celebrate the grand opening of the center designed to help ex-offenders kick addiction and learn coping skills in order to lead law-abiding lives after prison.

McGreevey, the executive director of the Jersey City Employment and Training Program, says Martin’s Place was needed to help convicts turn their lives around.

“These are persons who have literally bottomed out and understand that without recovery, without transitional housing, without work, their lives will wind up in one of two places: prison or death,” McGreevey told the Associated Press.

The center is the first of its kind and will operate in collaboration with the Hudson County Correctional Center.

In a statement, Representative Pelosi said she was honored by the invitation “to join in recognizing the exceptional work of Governor McGreevey. His work in lifting people up is important and the people he serves are to be respected.”

“We are creating a national prisoner re-entry model here in Jersey City and know that having a center where participants can receive the necessary resources and support is critical,” Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop said. “This will be a site of transformation for the lives of many and a place where those seeking a second chance will be welcomed and encouraged each step of the way.”

Fulop, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, and NAACP National President Cornell Brooks will also be in attendance.

Follow Warner Todd Huston on Twitter @warnerthuston or email the author at

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Report: Hillary Clinton Sought Advice on Income Inequality During Hamptons Vacation

Hillary Clinton reportedly asked wealthy donors and Wall Street executives in the Hamptons how she could best discuss “income inequality” in a potential presidential campaign.

According to a report in The New York Times, Clinton “spent August in the Hamptons, a working vacation that gave her plenty of time to interact with donors,” Washington lobbyists, hedge fund managers, and other one-percenters. She reportedly asked them “about how to tackle income inequality without alienating businesses or castigating the wealthy.”

Clinton, who was ridiculed for saying that she was “dead broke” after leaving the White House, still does not have the hearts of the progressive activists who loathe her husband’s centrist economic team. That is why many are urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to challenge Clinton from the left. 

But Clinton, who returned to Iowa for Sen. Tom Harkin’s (D-IA) Steak Fry for the first time since 2008, is reportedly not planning to move as much to the left on income inequality as the left-wing base may want. She reportedly asked Wall Street executives about Obama’s desire to eliminate inversions, and her message, should she run, “would likely be less populist and more pro-growth, less about inversions and more about corporate tax reform, less about raising the minimum wage and more long-term job creation,” according to the Times report that cited “two people with firsthand knowledge of the discussions.”

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Exclusive – Princeton's Robert George: 'Victory' Against ISIS Means They're Destroyed Like Adolf Hitler's SS


Princeton’s McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence told Breitbart News that American “victory” against ISIS means that ISIS must be destroyed as Adolf Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (SS) forces were.

“Let me tell you what victory looks like: ISIS/ISIL is decimated. It is left in precisely the shape in which we left Hitler’s allegedly invincible SS in 1945,” George said in a statement provided to Breitbart News. “Those of its leaders who are not sent to their eternal reward in the fighting are hunted down and tried for crimes against humanity. Displaced Christians and other victims of IS barbarism are returned to their lands and homes to live in peace and security. That is what victory looks like.”

George’s comments come in response to President Barack Obama’s remarks last week on his plan to take out ISIS—during which he never used the word “victory,” and never articulated what the end might look like. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said last week: “I didn’t bring my Webster’s dictionary with me up here” when asked by a reporter what a “victory” would look like for the United States against ISIS.

George is a thought leader whom the New York Times has called America’s “most influential conservative Christian thinker.” He has published many works that have influenced world leaders, and he has served in various international civil rights and religious liberty positions. In 2012, House Speaker John Boehner appointed George to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, for which he was elected chairman in 2013, and he’s served on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in the past.

George authored a bipartisan petition in August calling for the Obama administration to destroy ISIS. A spokesman told Breitbart News that George’s petition attracted over 15,000 signatures.

George’s comparison of ISIS to Hitler’s forces comes in the wake of Pope Francis comparing the crises burgeoning around the world to World War III. 

“Even today, after the second failure of another world war, perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, destruction,” Francis said in a homily at a Mass on Saturday during a visit to Italy’s largest war memorial where 100,000 WWI soldiers are buried, Reuters reported.

“War is irrational; its only plan is to bring destruction: it seeks to grow by destroying,” Pope Francis said. “Greed, intolerance, the lust for power. These motives underlie the decision to go to war and they are too often justified by an ideology.”

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Iowa Dems: Hillary Too Tied to Cronyism, 'Malleable' like Romney

Young Iowa Democrats still associate Hillary Clinton with crony capitalism nearly seven years after progressive Iowans rejected her for Barack Obama. 

Before Clinton returned to the state on Sunday for the first time since 2008, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell interviewed young Iowa Democrats for “Meet the Press.” 

A law student told Mitchell that he was looking for someone more liberal than Clinton who talks about “income inequality.” He said Clinton is “malleable” like Romney, which often is shorthand for standing for nothing except for getting elected.

Mitchell then asked another young liberal Iowan what came to mind when Hillary Clinton is mentioned. 

“A politician, a woman, a president?” Mitchell asked. 

Carla, the young woman who works at a non-profit organization, basically said none of the above and rejected Mitchell’s leading question. To her, Clinton represented cronyism. 

“I think people see kind of the cronyism on Wall Street,” Carla said. “Her biggest supporters is Wall Street. She’s currently on the circuit giving speeches to Goldman Sachs. Regular people might see that as something that they are not looking for anymore.”

Carla said that she would “love to see the first woman president, but it doesn’t matter more to me than my progressive values.” A third Iowan said she supported Clinton because she was willing to compromise, but that is precisely the malleability that seemed to turn off the other two Iowa progressives.

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Jeb Bush Adviser Mike Murphy: Throwing Senate to GOP in Harry Reid's Interest

Jeb Bush adviser and GOP hack Mike Murphy thinks it may be in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) interest to throw the Senate to Republicans. 

In an appearance on Sunday’s Meet The Press, the conservative-bashing consultant who has yet to win a presidential election and once referred to Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) as Reid’s secret weapon, said if Republicans took back the Senate, it could turn into an “American idol of grievance.” Todd snickered and egged Murphy on, showing nothing but contempt for conservatives. 

“Harry Reid may throw the Senate,” Murphy said. “You can argue it’s in his interest.”  

If Reid wanted to throw the Senate and become Minority Leader, he would have pushed Obama to enact a massive executive amnesty before the midterms. But Obama decided not to in order to preserve the Senate for Democrats. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, who gave Obama recommendations for executive actions, said that the administration delayed its executive amnesty to not get slaughtered at the polls like in the 1994 midterms. But Todd, who promised his viewers that he would stop the spin and hold establishment hacks and pundits to account, did not even mentions these points. Nor did he inform his viewers that Murphy advises Bush. 

After “Republican” Joe Scarborough was at the the table for Todd’s inaugural show, Murphy was the “Republican” on the panel this week. It seems like the best way for a Republican to get on the program is to bash conservatives and volunteer to be the show’s “Brooklyn Brawler.” But as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told Todd earlier on the program, Americans on the left and the right loathe the permanent political class and the establishment press for being out of touch. Todd and his panel again proved Sanders right. 

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