Reports from Cuba: What isn't working?

Reports from Cuba: What isn't working?,,,

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Religious persecution continues in Cuba

Religious persecution continues in Cuba,,,

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'Conservative Review' Targets Seamy Conservative Political Groups


A new watchdog group aiming to provide unvarnished scorekeeping on Republicans who stray from right wing orthodoxy also has corrupt conservative political groups in its sites.

The group, called Conservative Review and launched in late September, is issuing the first of a series of its “To Catch A Parasite” reports today, featuring a close examination of a little-known political action committee operated from New York City by a 26-year-old political consultant.

The group, Patriots for Economic Freedom, has raised $431,000 in the 2014 cycle, but has made no contributions to federal candidates and only spent $13,000 on “independent expenditures,” which are electioneering expenses on behalf of a candidate.

The single largest recipient of the group’s money is Amagi Strategies, a consulting firm run by Patriots for Economic Freedom founder Tyler Whitney. The two entities share the same physical location, Whitney said in an interview, and the payments to Amagi include rent for its use of that office.

So far in the cycle, Patriots has paid Amagi $159,000 and Whitney another $12,400, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

As of that filing, Patriots had spent all but $40,000 of the $431,000 it raised, much of it on fundraising-related expenses such as renting email lists. That documents show the committee recently spent about $1000 each on robocalls for ten Republican candidates, including Reps. Steve King (R-IA), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Justin Amash (R-MI) and Raul Labrador (R-ID).

Conservative Review says the filings tell a story of personal enrichment.

Over $170,000 “is going directly into the pockets of someone named Tyler Whitney,” the group says it its report, provided exclusively to Breitbart News.

“The rest of the money this group is raising is going to email list vendors (to send out more emails) and for processing donations. ($11,007 to ActiveCampaign for “Outbound Messaging”, $18,843 to DB Capitol Strategies for Compliance, $19,368 to Facebook for Ads, $10,102 to PayPal for processing, and $591 to ZipCar.)”

Whitney rejected the criticisms, calling it a “witch hunt,” and said the FEC filings didn’t capture other legitimate activities.

“Over $24,000 of that Facebook advertising was not reported as an independent expenditure because it did not oppose or support a candidate, it was actually to defeat Obamacare,” Whitney said, adding that Patriots contributed $4,000 to a anti-NSA lawsuit and spent an unspecified amount of money to organize voters to contact lawmakers on petition drives.

Patriots is “just another grassroots conservative PAC trying to make a difference,” he said.

Asked how much he was personally being paid, Whitney said “I honestly don’t know the specifics, it’s actually – it’s a standard market rate salary. But it looks as if there’s more overhead than there is because some of the charges on Amagi for consulting. But me as a person, it’s standard market rate.”

Patriots has listed expenditures for furniture purchases in the filings, but its office space is also Amagi’s office space for which it pays rent.

“When you’re not raising a ton you still have some fixed costs, and one of those fixed costs is a subcontractor fee for rent to Amagi,” Whitney explained.

Whitney said his background included stints working on the campaigns for Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo, as well as time spent at Americans for Prosperity. In 2011 he was quoted in a CBS News article headlined “Young Gay Conservatives Say Their Time has Come” about gay Republicans at the Conservative Political Action Conference. 

The effort by Conservative Review to scrutinize conservative groups is notable in part because Establishment Republicans have targeted groups with plenty of political spending as fundraising machines.

The effort could help police which groups are legitimate.

“There are too many organizations whose sole purpose is to raise money. For them, raising money is an end, not a means. And it is not raising money for conservative politicians or causes, but rather raising money for the organization’s leaders and its vendors,” Conservative Review says.

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Mark Begich Is Running Out of Gas in Alaska


Sen. Mark Begich’s campaign for re-election is running out of gas as Republican candidate Dan Sullivan continues to solidify his lead in the polls. 

Alaskan voters will put up with a lot, but in 2014, it increasingly appears that membership in President Barack Obama’s party is not one of them.

Sen. Begich tried early to distance himself from President Obama, as many political observers believed he was one of the strongest Democratic candidates running in a red state. After President Obama’s State of Union address in January, Begich said that he would not welcome him to the state with open arms. “I’ll drag him around. I’ll show him whatever he wants to see, but I want to convince him and show him that some of his policies are not the right direction,” he said, adding, “I don’t need him campaigning for me. I need him to change some of his policies.”

During a recent campaign stop in Juneau, Begich helpfully reminded supporters that President Obama would only be president for two years – whereas he would be elected for six. “This is about Alaska’s future. Not his, ours,” Begich explained to a group of about 30 supporters on a rainy day in Alaska.

But Begich’s efforts to distance himself from Obama only go so far, particularly since he clings to the President’s cabinet members. Earlier this month, Begich was embracing the Obama administration’s brand new Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro at an event in Anchorage.

“Kudos to Sen. Begich for getting to me early and often,” Castro said, according to the Alaska Dispatch.

“I have his cell number,” Begich announced to the crowd, hinting that he was the main reason $7 million in federal grants were brought to Alaska for housing projects.

Castro’s visit marked the fifth Obama cabinet member traveling to Alaska to bolster his campaign.

According to the National Journal, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez visited in July, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz came in mid-August, as well as Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker. The cabinet members frequently attend fundraisers for Begich, attended by Alaska’s wealthiest Democratic donors.

Republicans, however, are having a field day with his record, constantly reminding voters that Begich votes with Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

“Begich voted with President Obama 97 percent of the time, including for disastrous big government laws like Obamacare which have wreaked havoc in Alaska, sending premiums skyrocketing up to 37 percent,” Alaska RNC Communications Director Kyle Kohli explained in an interview with Breitbart News.

Although October is traditionally the month for last-minute surprises, Begich has spent the entire month with a shotgun approach. He repeatedly questions Dan Sullivan’s residency, accusing him of not being “Alaskan enough” for voters, even though he moved to the state in 1997. After serving in the Bush administration as assistant secretary of state, Sullivan moved back to Alaska in 2009 to serve as the state’s attorney general.

Republicans point to Begich’s own father, who was born and raised in Minnesota before moving to Alaska in 1957 to teach before running for Congress 13 years later.

In September, Begich’s campaign tried to slow Sullivan’s momentum by running an ad accusing him of being indirectly responsible for a double murder and sexual assault.

The ad, likened to the infamous “Willie Horton” ad in 1992, backfired, and Begich pulled it, but only after a lawyer for the family of the victims denounced the ad and demanded that it be removed.

Suddenly, the warm, friendly Alaskan Democrat was seen as just another desperate politician. “Begich’s terrible smear has been nationally recognized by major news outlets as the worst attack in the entire 2014 midterm cycle,” Kohli said. 

Alaska Republicans United

Begich was actually leading in the polls for most of 2014, while Alaskan Republicans were busy fighting through a late three-way primary. After Sullivan clinched the nomination in late August, it didn’t take long for Republicans to unite. Both PPP and Rasmussen polls showed that Sullivan gained an edge after the Republican primary was over.

Sullivan has also maintained his lead throughout October, after crossing the 50 percent threshold in a recent CNN poll

“Conservatives across Alaska are united behind Dan Sullivan, and the data shows it,” Kohli said. “That would not be possible if not for rock solid support from the conservative base in Alaska.”

Sullivan has also earned the endorsements of political heavyweights in the Senate, such as Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Alaska Polling Is Hard?

There are two factors frequently cited by the Begich campaign in Alaska to give Democrats hope. One is the oft-repeated “wild card” as campaigns remind reporters that Alaska’s “notoriously unreliable” polling is difficult to get right. But that polling X-factor does not help Begich, as any error historically tends to favor Democrats.

“In every single race, the polls have shown a Democratic bias,” Five Thirty Eight’s Nate Silver explained in an analysis of recent Alaska polls – beginning with the 2000 presidential race.

The Ground Game

Democrats are also hailing Begich’s vaunted “ground game,” as he crisscrosses the state’s more rural areas looking for voters. As many as 90 national Democratic staffers are mobilizing to register new voters, while Republicans only have 14 field staffers.

“I don’t care if we’re up or down. We’re winning on the ground because we will turn out more voters,” Begich told The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker, who traveled to Quinhagak, Alaska, to witness one aspect of his field operation. “We have knocked on every single door in rural Alaska,” Begich explained to the Post. “This is unbelievable. No one’s ever done it like this — ever.”

But while Begich is struggling to build a new coalition, Republicans just want to get their existing voters back to the polls.

When Begich won in 2008, he only did so by about 4,000 votes over Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest-serving Republican in Senate history.

Stevens was running as a convicted felon, after being found guilty a month before the election for failing to disclose political gifts. It was a bitter pill for Republican voters to swallow, as many simply could not pull the lever for Stevens again.

In the presidential race, McCain won the state with 192,631 votes. Stevens, however, only earned 147,004 votes.

With a newly branded candidate in Sullivan, Alaskan Republicans are confident that they can bring Republican voters back out to the polls. “The RNC has made its earliest and largest investment ever in Alaska this cycle, and the race is a top priority for the GOP,” Kohli explained, pointing out that the national party has had staffers in the state for over a year in preparation for the election.

Alaskan Republicans point out that, unlike many states, many of the urban areas actually favor the GOP.

In spite of Begich’s ground efforts, Democratic voters in Alaska are actually declining. There are actually 6,260 fewer registered Democrats in Alaska, since October 2008, according to an analysis by Alaskan political blogger Amanda Coyne. The numbers show that there are 9,327 more registered Republicans and 13,411 new independents.

Although some of the new independents will likely vote for Begich, the dearth of Alaskans willing to identify themselves as Democrats give Alaskan Republicans additional confidence as they head into the election.

“Alaska is a red state,” Kohli explained. “Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and national Democrats have poured their money into the state, but we’re confident in our operation and believe Alaskans will vote Republican.”

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T Minus 15: Dems Desperately Seeking Women

In his final campaign push, Colorado Democrat Sen. Mark Udall is giving over an entire day to rallies across the state featuring the head of Planned Parenthood, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and the wives of several Democrat politicians. Hillary Clinton will deliver the coda on Tuesday. 

The world may be ravaged by conflict, pandemics and teetering economies, but Udall’s final appeal to voters will channel his inner-Sappho and raise the roof with a brash “girlapalooza.” Such is the dependence of the modern Democrat party on female voters. 

Unfortunately for Democrats, female voters are increasingly resistant to its political pandering. In its endorsement of GOP candidate Cory Gardner, the left-leaning Denver Post slammed Udall’s maniacal focus on issues like abortion and birth control. “Udall is trying to frighten voters rather than inspire them with a hopeful vision,” the editors wrote. “His obnoxious one-issue campaign is an insult to those he seeks to convince.”

Since at least 2008, Democrats have created a fictional GOP “war on women” and drafted themselves as its champion defenders. Never mind that most of these issues were decided decades ago and aren’t under any real policy consideration anywhere. The media has been eager to echo the Democrat war cries as a cudgel against Republicans. In a world of existential crises, however, even the liberal Denver Post is growing tired of playing along. 

According to the most recent polling, Udall only leads Gardner by 9 points among female voters. That slim margin is more than offset by the gaping 19-point deficit he suffers among men. In 2010, when Dem Sen. Mike Bennett won a close election, his numbers were almost the reverse. He led among women by 17 and trailed men by just 10 points. 

This isn’t just a Rocky Mountain phenomenon. Democrat Senate candidates across the country are experience rapidly declining returns from their “war on women” rhetoric. Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell trails women in KY by just a couple points. Alaska Democrat Mark Begich trails among women by around 7 points. 

Without a heavy female turnout and a lopsided advantage, many Democrat candidates will go down to defeat in two weeks. 

A significant factor in the Democrats declining advantage among women is the uncomfortable fact that there really isn’t much of a gender gap. Despite the constant haranguing of the media and the left, the real gap is a marriage gap. 

Obama beat Romney in 2012 by 11 points among women. Married women, however, preferred Romney by 7 points. Married men preferred Romney by a staggering 22 points, while single men voted for Obama by a 16 point margin. (Race also obscures the alleged gap. White women, regardless of marital status voted for Romney over Obama by 14 points.)

So, even election results show that the “war on women” is a myth. It is just as plausible, and meaningful, to wonder about the Democrats’ “war on marriage.” The single biggest determinant in how someone votes is their marital status, not their gender. 

In elections about small things, with no real overarching issues imposing themselves on the electorate, Democrats can get away with this media-driven pandering. At the margins, enough people may respond to these messages to make the difference in very close contests. 

Even very big existential issues intrude on the public, however, “war on women” rhetoric and the alleged “gender gap” are exposed for the charade they are. 

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Where Is the Republican Party?

Dan Bongino is the ideal candidate for Congress.

Bongino has the pedigree as a former Secret Service agent that provides an automatic stamp of approval from everyone who learns this one fact about him.

He has built-in name identification through his regular guest radio hosting gigs on both Washington, D.C. local and nationally syndicated radio shows, as well as a best-selling book Inside the Bubble that puts him on the credibility map.

Bongino even has demonstrated expertise in social media with more than 21,000 personal followers on twitter.

Young, smart, handsome, savvy, and quick with a sharp sound bite, Dan Bongino is everything the Republican Party purports to look for in a candidate, yet the National Republican Congressional Committee has not lifted a finger to support his election effort. As of this writing, they haven’t even called him.

Part of the reason could be that early in the race Bongino was considered a long-shot, running in the blue state of Maryland in a district that was gerrymandered to give a Democrat a good chance of winning. However, even with the most creative drawing of the district lines, the District is only a D+4, meaning that it leans Democrat but can be won by a Republican in an election cycle that favors the GOP.

And that is exactly what we have. 2014 is the ideal election cycle for mobilized voters in the highly conservative western Maryland part of the district to overwhelm the disenchanted and demoralized Democrats in the D.C. suburban part of the District.

Bongino for his part has nationalized the election, having both Senator Rand Paul and Mike Lee into the District to rally the base, along with other conservative superstars like Col. Allen West.

On the fundraising front, Bongino continues to raise more money than his Democrat incumbent opponent, another touchstone for legitimacy.

Yet, even though Bongino’s district is in the Washington, D.C. media market, the political masterminds at the NRCC remain deaf to the possible pick-up.

It makes one wonder if the lack of enthusiasm for Dan Bongino is because he is a constitutional conservative who has a libertarian streak. A man accustomed to saying what he believes and not backing down from a fight, it is fair to ask if House Republican leadership would prefer to have Bongino on the outside looking in to their cozy little club. After all, who needs another Louie Gohmert constitutional conservative holding them accountable to limited government principles?

No matter their motivation, the ugly truth is that the Republican National Committee is currently soliciting volunteers from the D.C. area (including Bongino’s district) to volunteer in northern Virginia for their dead in the water Senate nominee and a likely winning congressional candidate. In most election years, this might make sense, but in 2014, the state of Maryland has a competitive governor’s race featuring a very attractive African American Republican Lt. Governor candidate, important state house and state senate races (Virginia has no state races on the ballot), and the chance to win a congressional seat with a candidate who will be a Party leader for the next twenty years.

The upshot is that Bongino can win (polling is too close to call), but it will be in spite of the national Republican leadership. The question is will conservative leaders step up to the plate in the next two weeks, replacing the Party, and make the ground game happen in Bongino’s and other ignored conservative candidate’s districts?

Our nation is at a crossroads, and America needs Members of Congress like Dan Bongino. With November 4th a mere two weeks away, it is time for conservatives across the nation to go all-in and use their networks to replace the indifferent Republican Party efforts to turn out the vote. Whether you live in the D.C. area, Utah or Florida, your vote and that of your family, friends and neighbors matter. Find the best candidate who will stand up for America and spend at least one weekend along with election day helping that candidate win. 

It is now up to you. You can sit at home and complain, or you can take a stand. With our nation adrift, failure is simply not an option.

The author is vice president of Americans for Limited Government.

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Common Core in Tennessee and Colorado: Lipstick On A Pig?


When Republican and Democrat Governors Bill Haslam (R-TN) and John Hickenlooper (D-CO) got together with the Denver Chamber of Commerce in Nashville Friday, the discussion turned to the idea that it does not matter what states call their “high” and “rigorous” standards, even if those standards are the Common Core.

Parent activist groups across the country have grown accustomed to the language of nervous politicians around the issue of the “radioactive” Common Core standards. Governors of both parties have engaged in the smoke and mirrors trick of changing the name of the controversial Common Core standards to one with more “local flavor,” while the standards themselves get a few trivial tweaks with the hope of passing public muster.

As the Tennessean reports, Haslam said the fight over academic standards in his state should not be about what they are called, but whether they are rigorous enough to help students.

“For me, it shouldn’t be about the name and what we call it, the battle should be about: Are we going to have high standards or not and what exactly should those standards be?” Haslam said.

As Breitbart News reported in September, though Haslam has shown support for the Common Core standards, joining with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) and Tennessee U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R) in March for an education roundtable sponsored by the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he and the state’s chief education officials quietly quit the federally-funded PARCC Common Core multi-state test consortium in June. That decision came after Haslam signed a bill that requires the state to use its current assessment, the TCAP, this school year and to issue a request for proposals for a new test to be administered next year.

Additionally, as reported, Haslam intends to have a “full vetting” of the Common Core in the next legislative session.

“His latest comments seem to suggest that he’s not necessarily opposed to scrapping the name, at least, so long as the standards are robust,” says the Tennessean, however, about Haslam.

“Obviously, we’ve been having a statewide conversation and we’re going to continue to,” said Haslam, who is up for re-election in November. “My point would be: Let’s start with what we agree on. Hopefully, everybody agrees on high standards and more rigor.”

However, “rigor” is one of the key talking points presented by Common Core proponents, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who continually describe the nationalized standards as “rigorous,” despite the fact that there have been no independent studies to validate that claim.

Hickenlooper, who is in a tough re-election bid in Colorado, has moved ahead with Common Core despite significant criticism.

“Ours is called Colorado Core,” Hickenlooper told Chamber of Commerce members from Denver and Nashville. “We suggested and made it our own standards. The key as Bill [Haslam] said, is high standards.”

Kevin Kookogey, president and founder of Linchpins of Liberty, an educational leadership development group, has been fighting Common Core in Tennessee since 2009. The Heritage Foundation Associate told Breitbart News, “So how do they convince people to drink poison?”

“They don’t bring it into town on a big poison wagon. More often it is transported in a big medicine truck as a cure for all,” he continued. “They package the poison in a container and slap a sticker on it that reads “Medicine.”

“The naive refuse to look beyond the sticker, allowing the antagonists to advance their argument to the next phase,” Kookogey continued, “which is ‘either you are for medicine or you are against medicine’- deliberately obscuring the fact that what has been labeled medicine is, in fact, poison, cloaked in a medicine jar.”

Fort Collins, Colorado parent Cheri Kiesecker told Breitbart News that Hickenlooper has lost touch with parents and teachers in her state.

“According to recent polls, most people oppose Common Core,” Kiesecker said. “That number will rise as awareness of Common Core and its mandated testing grows. Parents don’t like the over-testing and the data mining that comes with Common Core.

“Business owners would be wise to look into Common Core further and find it is not internationally competitive; students will leave high school about two years behind their international counterparts, requiring more remedial studies to get into college,” Kiesecker added. “Parents and teachers were not asked if they wanted Common Core, or the data mining associated, or, in Colorado, the PARCC test that puts so much pressure on teachers to teach to it.” 

“Gov. Hickenlooper should be aware that simply changing the name of the standards to ‘Colorado Core’ doesn’t change the fact that Common Core is an unproven, unfunded reform that is hurting our kids,” she said. “Let parents decide what is best for their children; we don’t want someone deciding if our children can go to college – that’s our choice – not the government’s.”

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She's Back! Monica Lewinsky Joins Twitter

Monica Lewinsky grabbed the early buzz this morning after she joined Twitter.

“#HereWeGo,” Lewinsky tweeted, her first tweet since joining Twitter and re-entering public life.

Her account was confirmed by Vanity Fair, who tweeted “Please join us in welcoming Monica Lewinsky to Twitter. Seriously!”

Lewinsky is scheduled to speak today at the Forbes Under 30 summit in Philadelphia, PA.

“Lewinsky, who last talked publicly 13 years ago, will offer a singular perspective on what happened to her, and the scourge of harassment in the digital age,” Forbes explained in a statement.

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Exclusive — Jeff Sessions: Obama's Immigration Policies Hammer Black Workers

Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) told Breitbart News that black workers across America should be wary of supporting Democrats because of President Obama and other Democrats’ support for immigration policies that displace them economically.

“A nation owes its first obligation to its own citizens,” Sessions said in an emailed statement. “But our current immigration policy advantages the citizens of other countries over our own. Undeniably, one of the groups most hurt economically by unjust immigration policies are African-American citizens.”

Sessions points to a study that Harvard economist Dr. George Borjas published with the National Bureau of Economic Research in September 2006 that found that the employment rate of black men fell from 1960 to 2000—a timeframe during which immigration sharply increased, making it much more difficult for Americans, especially blacks, to find jobs.

Said Sessions:

Research by Dr. George Borjas shows that the long-term large-scale importation of foreign labor has substantially eroded wages in the black community—and yet Senate Democrats voted unanimously for legislation to double the arrival of new workers and deepen this unacceptable wage decline. These new workers would fill jobs in every sector of the economy, denying many low-income Americans a shot at middle class job security.

According to an abstract of the paper, Borjas and two other scholars found that “[a]s immigrants disproportionately increased the supply of workers in a particular skill group, the wage of black workers in that group fell, the employment rate declined, and the incarceration rate rose.” It went on to say that the “analysis suggests that a 10-percent immigrant-induced increase in the supply of a particular skill group reduced the black wage by 4.0 percent, lowered the employment rate of black men by 3.5 percentage points, and increased the incarceration rate of blacks by almost a full percentage point.”

“If you take a look at the basis of the civil rights movement, it was to have blacks treated in all respects the same as whites or everybody else,” U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow added in an interview in 2013. He continued:

What amnesty is doing is setting aside a special class of individuals who are … treated more favorably than others. In other words, they’ve already broken the law and are being given amnesty. In terms of immigration policy, it would severely affect the rights of blacks generally and all low-income Americans. What it is going to do is displace those individuals from the labor market.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s wife, Coretta Scott King, who took over his advocacy after he was assassinated, wrote to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) in the early 1990s asking him to enforce America’s immigration laws so illegal aliens could not steal jobs from blacks. In an interview this weekend, Dr. Alveda King—MLK’s niece—said she agrees with her aunt on the issue.

“I do not agree with open borders and you’ve got people who take these little children, cut them up and fill them with drugs then sew them back up and send them over here,” King said. “I did want the children to be fed, I wanted them to have a warm meal and try to get them back home. I do not support open borders and I certainly agree with my aunt on that.”

Sessions’ comments come as President Obama’s pollster, Cornell Belcher, wrote in a confidential memo, leaked to The New York Times this weekend, that there could be “crushing Democratic losses across the country” in the looming 2014 midterm elections.

“African-American surge voters came out in force in 2008 and 2012, but they are not well positioned to do so again in 2014,” Belcher wrote in the polling memo that spelled out a bleak picture for Democrats in two weeks should they fail to do the same this year.

“Anybody who looks at the data realizes that if the black vote, and the brown vote, doesn’t [sic] turn out, we can’t win. It’s just that simple,” Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) added in an interview with the Times.

Obama’s not on the ballot personally this year, something that is likely to have an adverse effect on Democrats hoping for surging black turnout. Obama’s recent comments that his policies are, nonetheless, on the ballot may, many Democrats both privately and publicly fear, have a negative effect on swing voters and undecideds who disagree with the direction the President is taking America, as shown by his lagging popularity numbers and the fact that hardly any candidates want to be seen on the campaign trail with him.

To make matters worse for Obama’s Democrats, blacks have fared horrendously, economically and otherwise, since he took office, leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, say. In an interview this weekend where she said Obama’s presidency is a “moral bankruptcy,” King ripped into the President and the political class in general for ignoring big government’s effects on blacks.

“The data is going to indicate black people lost out in every single leading economic category during the Obama years,” King told Breitbart News. Elaborating, she asserted:

That’s terrible. There’s nothing that’s been done to enhance our lives but there’s all sorts of things that were done to [give us stuff] like free access to abortion, free birth control in a healthcare clinic. But that’s nothing that’s going to help us economically, intellectually, physically health-wise and otherwise—there’s nothing being done for us. Black home ownership is 31 percent less than the rest of the country. Poverty rates have increased from 12 percent to 16.1 percent. Income for blacks is $20,000 less than the national average. Thirty-five percent of young blacks are out of work.

The horrendous conditions seem to be why black Democratic leaders are turning to issues like the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, to try to energize black voters for them nationwide in November.

“They embrace the health care law — ‘I will never run away from the Affordable Care Act,’ [Rep. Elijah] Cummings said — and often invoke voting rights and the death of Michael Brown, the unarmed black man shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., as a way to mobilize black voters. And they defend the president,” The New York Times’ Sheryl Gay Stolberg wrote in her piece on Belcher’s polling.

Dr. King is leading a new effort among black conservatives in which they’ll appear at her uncle’s memorial in Washington on Monday, then follow that with stops in North Carolina and then Ferguson in the coming days, aimed at exposing the left’s big government effects on blacks.

Sessions says that the Senate Democrats need to explain how their immigration policies, and those of President Obama, would economically destroy the black community—and hurt many other struggling Americans.

“What do Senate Democrats say to the millions of young Americans living in poverty, hoping for that first job, only to to lose out to lower-paid labor brought in from overseas?” Sessions asked. “This nation has a deep responsibility to its own citizens, who are barely scraping by in this stagnant economy.” He added, “We need to help our own jobseekers, our own communities, our own schools and neighborhoods. Yet the immigration bill endorsed by Senate and House Democrats would deliver a hammer blow to our struggling cities and workers.”

Sessions added that Americans are “entitled to” the “protections of our borders,” but that Democrats in Washington, D.C., “remain determined to strip those protections away.”

“In fact, President Obama has pledged to issue an executive amnesty after the election to give work permits to 5-6 million illegal immigrants—taking jobs directly from struggling American citizens,” Sessions said. “Senate Democrats not only refused to block this executive amnesty, but are doing everything they can to ensure it happens.” Continuing, he asserted, “But the American people still hold the power is this country. They have the power to stop this executive amnesty and demand representation that puts their interests first. Every citizen must know where their lawmakers stand and hold them accountable.”

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Politico Poll: 64% Believe America Is 'Out of Control'

A devastating new Politico poll reveals voters believe America has spun off its axis and is “out of control.” 

“An overwhelming majority of voters in the most competitive 2014 elections say it feels as if events in the United States are ‘out of control’ and expressed mounting alarm about terrorism, anxiety about Ebola and harsh skepticism of both political parties only three weeks before the Nov. 4 midterms,” reports Politico.

The poll, which surveyed states and districts in the most competitive congressional races, found that 64% of Americans believe “things in the U.S. feel like they are out of control right now.” 

Specifically, the poll found that 84% of voters believe the Islamic State (ISIS) represents a “serious” threat to America. Just 12% said ISIS terrorists do not pose a serious threat.

On the issue of Obamacare, the poll found that 57% of Americans believe their health care costs will increase, and just 7% believe that Obamacare will do as President Barack Obama claimed and reduce personal costs. 

Politico’s poll also found Obama slightly trailing former President George W. Bush on managerial effectiveness. When asked “Which President do you believe was more effective at managing the basic functions of the federal government?” 38% said George W. Bush, 35% said Obama, and 26% answered “both about the same.”

The Politico poll sample contained 36% Democrats, 36% Republicans, and 28% Independents.

Voters head to the polls in 15 days.

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